Perfect time (and weather) to be in the Sunshine State ;) I have had the best week on cam with everyone.. and its only the beginning of the month! I have a ton of video recordings too for those who might have missed them! For now I’ll post some screenshots ;)


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Where could I be?


My adventure has officially started (!!!)

I’m on the search for a new place but for now, I’m just traveling until I find the right one. Come see what I’ve been up to by viewing my cam tonight (and reading the live chat, ..or if you are a Premium Member you can ask me questions and I’ll answer them!)

This week I will be redoing my “Top Fans” page. I want each post to be special especially for my favorites who have helped me out so much the past year!


I will be wearing this bikini at the pool tomorrow, since I have only worn it once! Thank you to the amazing fan who got it for me off my wishlist, you all are so sweet!!

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I still have #TheVerizon so be prepared for GROUP SHOWS!