Good morning! Its 3:42am and I’m wide awake looking for apartments ;)

I’m glad I came on last night for a little, and I’m so happy so many of my favorites were there with me.fad5581f.x50I will be on again today, check my Twitter for updates on what time!

Where could I be?


My adventure has officially started (!!!)

I’m on the search for a new place but for now, I’m just traveling until I find the right one. Come see what I’ve been up to by viewing my cam tonight (and reading the live chat, ..or if you are a Premium Member you can ask me questions and I’ll answer them!)

This week I will be redoing my “Top Fans” page. I want each post to be special especially for my favorites who have helped me out so much the past year!


I will be wearing this bikini at the pool tomorrow, since I have only worn it once! Thank you to the amazing fan who got it for me off my wishlist, you all are so sweet!!

I will most likely cam inside tonight, then at the pool tomorrow (Tuesday).

Check Twitter for updates! Or for more traveling pics, check out my Instagram.

I still have #TheVerizon so be prepared for GROUP SHOWS!




Last Day Camming Here!



Then search “KateeLife”. It will only work when I am online so check my TWITTER to find out what time!

But first I will go into Free Chat for a little bit so I can say hi to everyone and give you guys a chance to win some prizes in my raffle. It will be extremely short meaning your odds are much higher than previous raffles. ;)


Once I hit a goal # of people in my room, I will draw the raffle winner and I’m off to Group Chat. If you are really enjoying, tip extra and I’ll send you some videos from The Best of KT Bundle!

This offer is only valid to those who tip while inside my Group. Just put your video request in the “tip note” and I’ll see what I can do ;) Sundays are the best in Katee’s room so don’t miss out!sun-kt

All videos will be sent after my cam session. If you want them immediately, make a hidden tip note with your email.

I will be checking emails, camming and posting pictures on Instagram during my adventure so make sure you are following me!

PS – The longer I type this I realize its 2am and I should probably sleep if I want to pack AND cam tomorrow :-)



There are many benefits to signing up on MFC. Not only can you chat with me and watch me for free, but also interact with my live games, buy picture sets, videos, participate in raffles, and watch my dance shows!

All you need is an e-mail address..what are you waiting for??

1.  CLICK HERE to go to MFC

2. Click the the link at the top that says “Create a Free Account”.

mfc-free-signup3. Provide your e-mail, choose username etc.


4. Open up your email MFC sent you, and click the link provided to confirm your account.


**I WILL ONLY SHOW UP UNDER THE “ONLINE MODELS” WHEN I AM ONLINE! Follow me on Twitter to know when I’m online! You can also sign up for MFC alerts to get emails when I come on :)