(How to become a PREMIUM MEMBER – it’s only $20 USD!)


MFC Tokens (aka “Tips”) can be used to get access to my Snapchat, watch a Live GROUP SHOW or you can send some just show your appreciation :)

“I appreciate each tip, thank you all so much!!”

1. Once logged in, click “My Account”


2. Click “Tip A Model”

3. Type KATEELIFE and the amount of MFC Tokens

More info about Tips from the MyFreeCams:

Tip Options

In the Tip window there are a few options you can choose which are explained below.

  • Display this tip in the chat room. If checked, then your tip will be shown in the public chat room like: “KateeFan321 tipped 10 tokens to KATEELIFE”. If unchecked, the tip will not be shown in the chat room for other members to see.
  • Anonymous tip. If checked, then your tip will be sent from “Anonymous” rather than from your username. The identity of the tipper will be secret.
  • Message to the model (optional) This will send a message to the model along with your tip.
  • Also, display the message above in the chat room. If checked, then the message to the model above will also be sent to the public chat room.

Other bits of advice:

  • Your tip options above are automatically remembered from your previous tip.
  • You can send multiple consecutive tips by clicking the “Click here to Confirm & Tip Again” link at the bottom of the tip confirmation screen.
  • You can tip straight from the chat room by typing /tip in the chat, explained with other Chat Commands further down this page.

Reward Points

For every 10 tokens you purchase, you will receive 1 Reward Point.

As you get more Reward Points, certain options and features on the website will become available to your account, and we will do our best to offer you priority personal customer support for any issue that may come up.

Models are able to see your Reward Point total unless you hide it in your “My Account” privacy settings.

Your Reward Points never expire and never get used up. We look forward to offering more features that will utilize Reward Points.

Reward Points cannot be transferred to any other username, even if it belongs to you.