Perfect time (and weather) to be in the Sunshine State ;) I have had the best week on cam with everyone.. and its only the beginning of the month! I have a ton of video recordings too for those who might have missed them! For now I’ll post some screenshots ;)


 Find out when I’m on next by checking my new status bar on the right side of the page! :)

Last year I spent my Cinco De Mayo………

All the hats were sold out by the time I remembered it was Cinco De Mayo. So I had to use what I had! I just happened to have a few Amazon boxes laying around ;) so I cut up some squares and taped them together with duct tape. She turned out to be a beauty ;)


Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

I wish I was planting flowers or seeds but there’s always next year too ;) Baby and I spent our day on the grass on the water appreciating everything the Earth has to give us. Grass, flies to chase, ducks and of course a huge gallon of water :)

Even though my shoes are on we we both “grounded” the entire afternoon. It felt really great we both needed to unwind a bit from the jetlag and time change :)

If you are interested in what Grounding is and how it can benefit your life, check out this site.