Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

I wish I was planting flowers or seeds but there’s always next year too ;) Baby and I spent our day on the grass on the water appreciating everything the Earth has to give us. Grass, flies to chase, ducks and of course a huge gallon of water :)

Even though my shoes are on we we both “grounded” the entire afternoon. It felt really great we both needed to unwind a bit from the jetlag and time change :)

If you are interested in what Grounding is and how it can benefit your life, check out this site.


Where could I be?


My adventure has officially started (!!!)

I’m on the search for a new place but for now, I’m just traveling until I find the right one. Come see what I’ve been up to by viewing my cam tonight (and reading the live chat, ..or if you are a Premium Member you can ask me questions and I’ll answer them!)

This week I will be redoing my “Top Fans” page. I want each post to be special especially for my favorites who have helped me out so much the past year!


I will be wearing this bikini at the pool tomorrow, since I have only worn it once! Thank you to the amazing fan who got it for me off my wishlist, you all are so sweet!!

Check Twitter for updates on when I’ll be on.. Or for more traveling pics, check out my Instagram.

I still have #TheVerizon so be prepared for GROUP SHOWS!