July TruePrivate Raffle


 There will only be 1 winner. Will it be you?!

How to enter:

1. Send me 1111 MFC Tokens so I know that they are toward this raffle. If I am online, please make it a Ninja Tip (only I can see it)!

2. I will jot down your username and assign you a color. Once the drawing gets closer to happening, I will send you an MFC mail with your assigned color I chose.

3. Some time in July I will draw the winner. The TruePrivate show will then happen either right after the drawing, or- if the winner is not present, the following time I am online (I’ll make sure I let you know via my Twitter).

Other things..

It will be very similar to a Group Show, except with only 1 viewer!

If you decide to enter twice, I will record a # of tickets to make sure you have the right amount.

The length of the TruePrivate is undetermined, I like to go with the flow 😇

No chat please, just sit back and enjoy the TruePrivate show.



Prize: TruePrivate show during July

💰 MFC Token Amount: 1111 Per Ticket or 2 for 1555!