MFC Tokensmfc-tokens

(How to send tokens as a Premium Member)

MFC Tokens (aka “Tips”) can be used to get my Snapchat (only 200 tokens vs $50 USD ecard), watch my Live Group Shows or you can send some to be nice 🙂

“I appreciate each tip, thank you all so much!!”

1. Once logged in, click “My Account”


2. Click “Tip A Model”

3. Type KATEELIFE and the amount of MFC Tokens



In the Tip window there are a few options you can choose which are explained below.

  • Display this tip in the chat room. If checked, then your tip will be shown in the public chat room like: “Member123 tipped 10 tokens to Model456”. If unchecked, the tip will not be shown in the chat room for other members to see.
  • Anonymous tip. If checked, then your tip will be sent from “Anonymous” rather than from your username. The identity of the tipper will be secret. 😉
  • Message to the model (optional) This will send a message to the model along with your tip.
  • Also, display the message above in the chat room. If checked, then the message to the model above will also be sent to the public chat room.

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