What is MFC?

(The best thing in the world..)

MFC is where I broadcast my webcam!

Come say hi and join the chat! Or just sit back and watch for FREE 🙂


Guests    When you enter MFC, you are automatically a Guest. You are a little bit limited and you cannot participate in my chat 🙁 I still appreciate you if you come to watch but at least become a Basic!

Basics    You can become a Basic by simply entering your e-mail address into a form and verifying it. Basics get more perks than Guests so it’s worth getting started 😉

Premiums ♡    I love Premiums! A lot.. Plus ONLY they can join my Group Shows, participate in raffles, countdowns and games! Some only take a few tokens. Which is basically a couple of quarters if you have any laying around that you want to put to good use 🙂 Premium Members get full unlimited access to ALL of the features of MFC forever, even if they never purchase tokens again.
It’s only $20 USD to become a Premium Member for LIFE, and you get 200 tokens!

(They do not rebill either)

Whether you decide to watch the Free Chat as a Guest or sign up with JUST an e-mail address, I’m sure you will enjoy my Cam-room! So…what are you waiting for??


1.  Click here to go to MFC!

2. Click the link at the top right corner that says “Create a Free Account”.

3. Provide your e-mail, choose username, verify age in seconds!

4. Open up your email that MFC sent you, and click the link provided to confirm your account.


Group Shows  💻

I usually do these spontaneously so don’t miss hanging out in Free Chat in case I slide over to Group 🙂

From your computer, click the Group Show to initiate or join a Group Show request. Once at least 3 members are requesting a Group Show, the model will be invited to accept the Group Show. If she accepts, the Group Show will start. Members can join and leave at any time. The Group Show ends when either the last member leaves or the model chooses to end it.

While in a Group Show, members are charged only 10 tokens per minute, or 1 token every 6 seconds. Come and go as you please 😉

The more people, the better the show!

Join one of my MFC Group Shows using MFC Tokens! I only do a few a month so don’t miss one!

[su_button url=”http://kateelife.com/mfc-tokens-tutorial/” background=”#008000″ center=”yes” icon=”http://kateelife.com/wp-content/uploads/token.png”]ONLY 10 MFC Tokens Per Minute![/su_button]

PS – I’m not the only one who does MyFreeCams Group Shows.. check out the Most Popular Rooms from the Homepage!

MFC Tokensmfc-tokens

(How to send tokens as a Premium Member)

MFC Tokens (aka “Tips”) can be used to get my Snapchat, watch my Live Group Shows or you can send some to be nice 🙂

“I appreciate each tip, thank you all so much!!”

1. Once logged in, click “My Account”


2. Click “Tip A Model”

3. Type KATEELIFE and the amount of MFC Tokens



In the Tip window there are a few options you can choose which are explained below.

  • Display this tip in the chat room. If checked, then your tip will be shown in the public chat room like: “Member123 tipped 10 tokens to Model456”. If unchecked, the tip will not be shown in the chat room for other members to see.
  • Anonymous tip. If checked, then your tip will be sent from “Anonymous” rather than from your username. The identity of the tipper will be secret. 😉
  • Message to the model (optional) This will send a message to the model along with your tip.
  • Also, display the message above in the chat room. If checked, then the message to the model above will also be sent to the public chat room.

(Many members have said that becoming a Premium was the best $19.99 they have ever spent.)

Reward Points

For every 10 tokens you purchase, you will receive 1 Reward Point.

As you get more Reward Points, certain options and features on the website will become available to your account, and they will do their best to offer you priority personal member support for any issue that may come up, if any..

Models are able to see your Reward Point total unless you hide it in your “My Account” privacy settings.

Your Reward Points never expire and never get used up and more features should become available that will utilize Reward Points.

Reward Points cannot be transferred to any other username, even if it belongs to you.

I hope to incorporate more fun games and contests using reward points. You never know when I will choose a winner with a low amount too! 😉

Click here to send me an MFC MAIL once you are a Premium!